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What is lifetime cover?

Lifetime pet insurance is a comprehensive type of pet cover you can get for a dog or a cat.

Our lifetime policy provides cover for veterinary bills incurred for accident and illness including dental treatment, up to the annual cover limit that you select. When the policy is renewed, the annual limit is reinstated and your pet will continue to be covered for any treatment incurred from accidents and illnesses they experience whilst the policy is live. Insurance policies are 12 month contracts. Ongoing cover for lifelong conditions are subject to premiums remaining up to date at all times, you renew your policy and the insurer offers renewal.

Other types of cover available on the market such as “Time Limited” or “Max Benefit” may exclude conditions after claims have been made for a set period of time or payments have reached the agreed Maximum Benefit amount.

Lifetime policies are often the more expensive pet insurance option, however they give you the peace of mind that your furry friend's ongoing conditions will be covered for the life of the policy, so long as it doesn’t pre-date the policy.

Lifetime Pet Cover's Buster the Beagle in his house
Lifetime Pet Cover's Buster the Beagle and Luna the cat

Why choose a lifetime policy?

Here is what we know, our pets are going to cost us money. The ABI reports that pet insurance payouts topped a record £1 billion in 2022. This substantial increase compared to previous years largely reflects the increasing cost of veterinary treatment, including drugs and diagnostic equipment, which can result in more expensive claims.

With Lifetime Pet Cover policies, if your pet is unfortunate enough to develop a lifelong or chronic condition such as arthritis or diabetes, we will cover their treatment and medication year after year for that condition.*

Premiums will likely increase each year you renew your policy. This is due to many factors, including your pet getting older, veterinary treatment inflation, where you live, our claim statistics and the claim history of your pet.

*Subject to the condition being covered by the terms of the policy, the claim being valid and costs not exceeding the annual cover limit. 

Our policies include

Lifetime cover for ongoing conditions
Up to £10,000 veterinary fees per year
Dental treatment for accident and illness*
Complementary therapy*
Cover Abroad
No upper age limit for existing policies
Third party liability
Claims can be paid direct to your vets

* Limits apply

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